“Why is feminism necessary?” he asked, calmly, unaware of what a loaded question it was.

I could not understand, at first, why I was so offended by this. Many men before him have called into question the importance of feminism. Many men before him have jumped through hoops in an attempt to deny the existence of sexism. Yet, here was a man who genuinely asked me to explain, who was willing to learn.

Why should I be angry? This was a good thing, wasn’t it?

Only it’s not.

Here was a man, the beneficiary of male privilege, claiming ignorance to issues of gender inequality and asking for enlightenment. Here was a man claiming he was simply not informed. A man, who in the past twenty years, has never questioned why society treats men and women differently, what more pondered on the far-reaching consequences of this prejudice.

How could I not be angry?

“I will see you like a rat in a cage running around trying to find ways to explain the cage to me, while I hold the key to open the door.”
– Aida Hurtado


Conspiracy Theories

If “outside the box” means conspiracy theories, then there is more sense to be found inside the box. The irony is, that the masses find it easier to believe in conspiracy theorists more than they do climate change experts. 
This is unfortunately true, despite the fact that climate change experts possess reams of data, supporting the clear and present danger.

Conspiracy theorists cower in the delusion that someone is running the show behind the scenes, imagining a world in which they are powerless. Conspiracy theories are created as an attempt to absolve the trauma, explain the unexplainable, to make sense of a nonsensical tragedy. They are brewed by a nihilistic form of skepticism, an anti government paranoia and our very own psychological tendencies. This can be counterproductive as people invest in an explanation with a twisted logic, which is immune to evidence.

T.S. Eliot was right when he said, ‘Human kind cannot bear very much reality.’